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Yamaki's Anime Blog
This is a blog about animes and mangas.

The Manifesto of Yamaki's Anime Blog

1. Personal Opinion
The reviews of various animes that are written in this blog are mainly the opinion and views of the writer, kristalyamaki, and do not necessarily reflect the others' opinion. The author of this blog, being a Malaysian, vows to review anime from a Malaysian perspective. Malaysia is a country in Asia, and hence, his reviews may be biased towards Asian values instead of Western values.

2. High Accuracy
The reviews that are made here will not exaggerate the facts and storyline of the anime/manga.

3. Reviews of a Wide Range of Anime and Mangas
This blog is proud to be an animes and mangas-only reviewing & opinion blog. However, reviews on magazines, figurines, websites, other anime blogs, seiyuus, voice actors, cosplayers, AMVs, and reviews on others materials will also be made as long as it concerns the anime world.

4. Medias
Medias such as screenshots during episode reviews, video on Youtube during anime introduction or AMVs, or some mp3s featuring OP/EDs where necessary.

5. Spoilers under cuts
Spoilers will be mainly kept under cuts, with the word "read more...". Spoilers in here refers to an item in a story that one doesn't want to know before watching to avoid the losing of interest.

6. Child friendly
This blog may at certain time do reviews on anime/mangas with materials that may be questionable, but rest assured, no reviews will be made on any hentai or erotic animes/mangas. Nevertheless, too much skin won't hurt. Midori Days won't hurt even with full frontal nudity.


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