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Kanon the Remake # 18 – Disappearing Adagio

A miracle had happened, and the miracle was the meeting of Shiori, Yuuichi and Ayu back in the second episode. If they weren't to meet, then the miracle wouldn't have happened, then Shiori wouldn't have lived until this episode. I used to think that she's strong in the outside but ultmately weak in the inside, and I guess I wasn't wrong, after all.

Kaori also had her biggest share of exposure in this episode as well, being related to Shiori. She isn't that bad after all and she has her soft and warm side as well.

Oh sure you are. As always. =\

Now, Shiori looks scary... *shivers*

What a bentou! Yummy!

You heard her, do you? You should really be ashamed of yourself, Yuuichi!

Shiori-chan is a sickish girl who is also your classmate, Kaori's little sister and another one of Yuuichi's harems.

Now, even Kaori looks scary... eee.

Happy Birthday; but don't you people know that you shouldn't point those party popper thingie directly at other people's face?

Yah. Kitagawa-kun hasn't even one, not even Kaori, and yet you have over, *counts with fingers*, 5 girls, and that's not including Amano, Sayuri and the others!

Lemme guess... it's Taiyaki, right?

What's all the surprise? Nayuki should be the one most surprised by the presense of Kaori but she made the least respond...

Kitagawa-kun, you're scaring all the ladies...

*laughs out loud @ Yuuichi's face* I wish you'd keep your face like that forever. >D

And finally, the cat's out of the bag. Told 'cha that a paper bag wouldn't be able to cover a fire.

"What?! You tried to commit suicide?!"

Shiori, ready to slit her wrist. I'm just glad that she didn't in the end. And hey, where's my pantsu shot? >O

Wow, what a sweet kiss on the cheek...

No, don't let her go! Yuuichi you dumbass!


“Morning~ It is morning~” the alarm clock’s recorded message started to play as it was time to wake Yuuichi up. However, Yuuichi was already awake long before it rang. He pushed the button on it as the message stopped playing. He went down to the dining table. Akiko greeted him. Ayu, who is beside her, helped her with preparing breakfast. Ayu noticed that Yuuichi wasn’t looking as cheerful as he would be usually while Yuuichi denied what she said by showing her a ‘genki’ face.

Yuuichi was next seen walking into the school. Shiori was seen with a rather black face but cheered up the very moment she saw Yuuichi. She went up to him and bumped into him purposely to attract his attention, laughing. Yuuichi had his revenge as he gave her a gentle hit while greeting her ‘good morning’. Shiori had once again prepared Yuuichi’s bentou and wanted to eat with him in his class, but after a second thought, she decided that they should meet in the canteen instead...

Yuuichi then went looking for Kaori. He knew that she had been avoiding Shiori, and that it was also the main reason Shiori refused to have lunch in their class. She was looking onto the courtyard of the school from the veranda on the first floor and started to say that it was empty then since it was winter, but it would be crowded during spring. Yuuichi realised, she that knew Shiori had been there all the while. Kaori refused to say anything and left the spot, leaving Yuuichi behind.

During lunch in the canteen, Yuuichi told Shiori his plans of throwing a birthday party for her. Shiori was happy to hear about it, but then asked about who would attend it. Yuuichi said that he would invite a few of his friends, despite it being a small party. “I see...” was Shiori’s reply. She thanked him as she said that she would look forward to it. After lunch, he offered Shiori to skip class with him. He’d bring her anywhere she wanted to “while she can”. Shiori refused a she said that it was bad for Yuuichi to talk an underclassman like her to skip class, laughing. Saying that, Shiori went back to her class as the two promised to meet again after school.

After school, the two looked at the beautiful sunset as they walked back to their houses. Back at home, Yuuichi told Ayu and Nayuki about Shiori’s birthday party. A puzzled Nayuki started to ask about Shiori as Yuuichi told her that she was a student of the school they’re going to but she has been sick and she hadn’t been coming to school often, so she doesn’t have many friends. Ayu gladly agreed to go to the party as Nayuki said that she can go to the party but she would have to leave in the middle because of her marathon practice. Yuuichi was grateful they could and told Nayuki that it would be enough.

The next day, Yuuichi approached Kaori and told her about Shiori’s birthday party. He told her the time and venue and asked her to come to the party, but insisting, she said that she would not go. Yuuichi continued to persuade her, saying that Shiori would not be able to move around after two more days. He told her that Shiori had been coming to school, hoping only to have a bentou lunch with none other than her sister, since they’ve promised to do so. Kaori made no response as she walked away.

After school, Shiori had changed into her casual clothing and was waiting for Yuuichi at the gate of the school. She greeted Yuuichi as he came out of the school building. He then brought her to a café, Hyakkaya, where everyone else was waiting for them. As the two entered the café, they saw Kitagawa, Ayu, Nayuki and the others. Kitagawa waved, calling out for them.

On the other hand, Kaori had reached home. She was still questioning herself whether she should go to the party...

Everyone wished Shiori Happy Birthday as she went on and blow out the candles on the huge birthday cake in front of her. As the flame on the candles went off, everyone in the café cheered. Shiori blushed, embarrassed. As they enjoy eating the cake, Yuuichi started to talk, saying that Kitagawa was actually the first one to notice her standing at the courtyard before himself, and then Kitagawa went on and said that Yuuichi had laid his hands on her without his permission. Kitagawa then started to count how many girls Yuuichi had... Shiori, Nayuki, Ayu, Shiori’s classmate, and even Sayuri and Mai from the senior class! Calling Yuuichi a pimp, he grabbed onto him and strangled him, demanding him to introduce the girls to him. Nayuki the interrupted by saying that it might not be like that from Yuuichi’s point of view, but the two seemed to be too into fighting. Shiori looked down as Nayuki handed over her a bottle of handmade strawberry jam, saying that it was a gift from her and her mother. On the other hand, as expected from Ayu, she gave Shiori a pack of Taiyaki, meanwhile, Shiori’s classmate gave her a basket of handmade scones. Kitagawa then realized that all the gifts that Shiori had received are sweets, but Shiori said, “I love sweets~” Yuuichi then added, “Her food of choice is ice-cream.” causing a roar of laughter from everyone. Yuuichi looked at the clock on the wall. It was then, Kaori appeared at the entrance of the café. Both Yuuichi and Shiori were surprised. They thought that she would never come.

Kitagawa then introduced Kaori to Shiori, and it was then he realized, he never knew Shiori’s last name? Yuuichi changed the topic of the conversation at once as he said that since everyone was there, the party should start. However, it was a cold atmosphere ever since Kaori reached the spot. Shiori took the initiative as she got her a piece of cake. But Kaori was still as cold as ice, saying ‘thank you’. Everyone realized the awkwardness they’re in as Kitagawa whispered something to Yuuichi. Yuuichi said that he’ll explain it later on and asked him to help lift the atmosphere. “You got it!” Kitagawa said as he changed into his dancing outfit. He said that he would dance there, but then, he was approached by a waitress, telling him not to do so as it might disturb other customers. However, the customers seem to be fine with it. And so, Kitagawa offered to have a dance with Kaori, but embarrassed, she refused. Yuuichi then offered Shiori to dance, but she also rejected the offer. Yuuichi then volunteered to dance with Kitagawa since nobody wanted to. “Am I not good enough for you?” he asked Kitagawa. “Of course you’re not!” was Kitagawa’s reply, but Yuuichi still dragged his arms and started dancing with him, making everyone in the café laugh out loud. Meanwhile, Shiori and Kaori tried their best not to laugh...

After the party, they put themselves together as they get ready to leave. Nayuki offered to have lunch with Shiori in school as everyone else wanted to join. It was then Kaori cut in, saying that Yuuichi hadn’t an eye for girls. But Yuuichi then just remarked, “Mind your own business.” “It my business...” Kaori said, and then she grinned, “...because Shiori’s my little sister.” Everyone was surprised the moment she said that. Kaori blushed as she smiled, and so did Shiori. Kaori then persuaded everyone to leave, leaving Yuuichi and Shiori behind. Before she left, Kaori said, “Let’s chat a lot later! Aizawa-kun, please take care of my sister, please.” Shiori was so happy there wasn’t any expression on her face at all. “Thank you, Yuuichi-san,” said said. “Where should we go now? You still have time, don’t you? I’ll tag alone wherever you want to go.”

And so, they went to the arcade once again. Shiori played the “whack-a-mole” game again, and this time, she managed to hit 5 moles. They visited the doll shop and had some ice-cream. They walked around until darkness fell. They reached the park. They chatted with each other. Shiori said that she had told her parents that she’ll be home late that night. Snow started to fall. Then suddenly, Shiori asked, “Can we hold hands?” She was blushing as Yuuichi offered his hand. And so, they held hands as they continued walking down the long park trail.

Finally, they ended up next to the glowing fountain they’ve once met before. Shiori was tired. They sat next to the fountain like they did the last time. Shiori then started to say that Yuuichi’s a strong person while Yuuichi said that she was the strong one. However, Shiori denied what he said. She confessed that she had once tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist using a penknife. It was the night the day she met with him. The day was also the first day of school for the third semester. She saw her sister leaving her room, preparing for school. She then talked about the shawl which she was always seen with. It was given to her by her sister, exactly one year from that day. She begged for a present, and so, her sister gave her that a day earlier. She bought the penknife from a convenience stall and many other things even though she didn’t need it. On the way home, she met with Ayu and Yuuichi. That very night, she locked herself in her room and turned off all the lights. She was about to slit her wrist as she thought about Ayu and Yuuichi. She said that she heard their laughters, and found herself really miserable. She dropped the penknife as she started to laugh as she cry tears that didn’t even come out when her sister told her that she might not live till her next birthday. She then realized that she was crying because she was sad. Then, after crying her heart out, she didn’t cut herself anymore. “Maybe that was a miracle,” she said. “I’m a weak person who cannot live without the support of others.” Yuuichi said that it’s perfectly okay, since everybody else is almost the same. He then requested Shiori to promise him something, that if a miracle to happen, she would treat him to a lunch at the canteen. Easily, she promised. She was happy because she had lots of fun that day. She then summarized everything that happened that day. She said that she shouldn’t have got so close with others as she might burden them like what she did to her sister, but Yuuichi said that he was glad that he got to know her. “Was I able to keep smiling?” she asked. “Was I able to keep my smile on the whole time?” “Y...Yeah,” was Yuuichi’s answer. He then swept away the snow on her head. It was then, the clock stroked 12. Yuuichi then got a present from his bag and handed it over to her, saying, “happy birthday, Shiori.” She unwrapped the present. It was a sketch book. She was happy with the present he gave her as her face became red. And then before he knew it, she gave him a kiss.

She then left him, saying that she would get something warm. Suspecting nothing, Yuuichi waited there for her... until he got into his senses. Shiori was gone! He found a note written using a piece of paper of the sketch book next to the coffee vending machine. “Goodbye” was the final words of the note. Yuuichi silently said to himself, “Happy Birthday, Shiori.”

Notice that this is my first post of the month April. Why so late, you ask. Well, to tell the truth, I haven't been doing well in my studies and I have failed all four subjects which are my core subjects. And so, my old man had grounded me from the internet for a few weeks till today. During this period, the webmaster of Anime2Manga, Darren, had sent me an email (I believe some of you anime bloggers had received this email as well) inviting me to write for his blog. As you can see, I have restricted usage of the internet so I had declined the offer. However, to my readers, if you're interested, you can as well consider it. It might be a good experience for those who plan to start an anime blog of their own.
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