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iMaid Café Toronto, First Maid Café in Canada

The iMaid Café is believed to be the first maid café in Canada, according to theStar. The concept and main difference of this café with other normal café/restaurants is that the waitresses who work here wear a special costume, and they are black intriguing miniskirts, long socks and white aprons. Being the main attraction of customers, these costumes are usually worn by people who are farmiliar with the concept of cosplay which originated from Japan. One of such clothes costs up to C$200 (about RM600).

The owners are targeting Chinese customers, having Hong Kong and Taiwanese food such as Wonton Noodle and Dimsums in their menu. According to them, around 70% of their customers are indeed Asians. I suppose that the concept of calling restaurant waitresses "maids" is still new to the people of the country. The café sells western food, but I guess the price would be less competitive (read: more expensive) compared to other regular western food restaurants out there. Still, I'm wondering why weren't they selling Japanese or Korean food.

As for the waitresses maids, most of them are Chinese too, imported from Taiwan or Hong Kong, I guess. Just to tell you, the boss is a guy...

The last time I heard about such café is the one in Singapore, the one which was hotly discussed by tsubaki_ and other SG Animebloggers. Such cafés are already a usual phenomenon in Japan with manga and anime cosplays being popular. So far, there's no news about such cafés being set up in Malaysia here, although I believe there shall be some soon.

Personally, if you ask me, I'll avoid going into such cafés. Don't ask me why. I'm just not too attracted to such weird concepts. Maybe I'm just too outdated or "old-school". Unless if they were to sell "pearl milky tea" like those Eazy-way café, then I might change my mind. Heehee.
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