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"Who I Am, I Am" Asatte no Houkou AMV

It took around a day for Youtube to verify the AMV. >_<;

But nevertheless I am glad that Youtube didn't kill the quality of the video.

Anyways, back on topic. The Youtube-hosted video you see above is an anime music video featuring Asatte no Houkou made by none other than yours truly. Being a loyal fan of Michael Wong, I have used a song from his latest album, a Chinese song, "I Am Who I Am". Not-so-obvious spoilers lurk, but it won't hurt those who fear of being spoiled. At least I had not included in any dialogs from the anime so you'll not know what'd happened.

Well, that's it. If you are already reading this, why not spend some time watching the AMV? I would be glad if you would leave a comment. I shall upload the AMV to soon enough after I finish my exams. By then, you're free to download the AMV as well. ;)

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Tags: asatte no houkou
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