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06 March 2007 @ 10:28 am
Asatte no Houkou # 11 – The Now That Exists Here  

Whatever Karada was thinking, in this episode, she decided to tell Tetsu that she was indeed Karada, the little, short and playful Karada he’d knew. Tetsu couldn’t accept the fact.

Erm... Tetsumasa, sir, that Tamagoyaki that you’re going to eat is very salty, just for your information... ^_^;

In my opinion, an extra 0.1 degrees Celsius in your body temperature is quite normal... =\

Flowers, eh? You can find them by the roadside, too. Why go so high up to the plateau?

That camera looks a lot like my Olympus camera. Cool, eh?

Oh no, you’re not going to tear that photo of yours with your ex, eh, little Shouko? You’ll regret it later on, I tell you. (Well, in the end, she didn’t tear the photo)

Wow, lots of fish. Great catch, Isogai-sensei!

...or maybe not.

A rather serious face of Karada, confessing that she is indeed Karada.

Interesting indeed. But for your info you old fellow, it’s the fact.

Yeah, I know you know a lot about the wishing stone. Now, confess that you’re the one who stole it. :O

You don’t expect him (Hiro) to use airmail to contact you again, do you, Shouko-dono?

The episode started with a short flashback of the final part of the last episode where Tetsu had called Karada “Satou-san”. It had badly hurt Karada’s feeling. All she wanted was to tell Tetsu the truth that she is Karada, not “Satou-san”, but courage didn’t seem to be with her at that moment.

Tetsu was having a dream. In the dream, he had brought the little Karada he knew to the top of the hill where the source of the water in the shrine was. Suddenly, the little Karada grew up into a beautiful, fully-developed lady. It was Satou-san as he knew her, and she was saying “thank you” for bringing her up there. Slowly, he woke up from his dream and noticed that Karada (now Satou-san) was sleeping next to the bed with her arms folded. Karada woke up straight away. It seems that Tetsu’s fever had completely gone away.

Karada then prepared breakfast for Tetsu. Tetsu planned to go out to continue his search for his classmate but with Karada and Isogai-sensei’s advice, he decided to cancel his plan. After breakfast, Tetsu went back to bed as Karada checked his body temperature. Tetsu told Karada that he had had a weird dream, but in the end, never told Karada the exact details of the dream. He also told her that he’ll still go look for his friend after he had recovered.

Back at Kanouchou, Hiro were having a chat with Tetsu’s sister in the café she’s working in. She told him that Tetsu hadn’t contacted her even once since he left. Although so, she is not even worried a bit.

As Hiro walked back home, he noticed a few wild flower by the road. He then recalled his experience with his ex-girlfriend, Shouko, where the two of them had travelled together to the mountains to look at the flowers. The flowers being somewhat dull, making Hiro didn’t like them very much. Shouko then asked someone to help them take a photo using her camera. It happened to be the photo which caused Karada to leave.

After Shouko had had a final look at the photo, she wanted to tear the photo apart. However, she didn’t have the courage to do it. She then had a visit to the site where wishing stone had been. She then remembered herself telling Hiro about Karada’s wish.

Back at Isogai’s Pension, Tetsu and Karada was playing with cards as Kotomi and Isogai-sensei came back home after a day fishing by the ocean. Seeing Tetsu was fine already, Kotomi wanted to bring him out for a walk. However, since Isogai-sensei needed Kotomi to help her with dinner, Tetsu ended up going out with Karada.

As they walked by the beach, Tetsu started to talk about himself with the Karada he knew. Karada then started to talk about things that only the ‘real’ Karada would know. Finally, she confessed, “I’m... Iokawa Karada”.

Back at the pension after dinner, Karada was washing the dishes as Tetsu hid himself inside his room. Being rather worried with the two’s reaction, Kotomi decided to question Tetsu about what happened when they were away. Tetsu told Kotomi everything that Karada said to him, about the wishing stone, her wish to be an adult and stuffs. However, he refused to believe in what she said. Isogai-sensei eavesdropped on them and found the story rather interesting, interesting like something he himself would say. As Isogai-sensei talked about the stuffs with his wife, Kotomi slipped out of the house looking for Karada.

Kotomi found Karada in her favourite spot, a bench facing the wide ocean. Kotomi told Karada that Tetsu had told him everything. Karada, still rather down, told her that it was the truth. Kotomi then started to say that she was born in Kanouchou and that she knew a lot about the wishing stone. Her father had told her a lot of story about the wishing stone and that it truly grants wishes. However so, he never had a wish come true. Karada insisted that the stone grants wishes.

Karada called Shouko using a public telephone, telling her that she had told Amino that she’s Karada but he would not believe her. Shouko realised that Karada is with Tetsu in the place they had been to. Before she could say a word of comfort, Karada hung up. Shouko called Hiro as he told her that he had decided to look for Karada alone, no matter where she could be. Shouko then told him she knew where Karada was, and that is by the ocean they went to. Saying that, she hung up the phone.

The very next morning, Hiro took a leave from the place he’s working and after packing up his things, headed towards the train station. Shouko was already waiting for him there. They smiled at each other and went in the train station together.
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