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14 January 2007 @ 08:11 pm
Asatte no Houkou # 9 - Signpost  

I revealed the worst spoiler of Asatte no Houkou to hughwong and he finally regretted reading anime spoilers (of other animes like Shuffle!) from Wikipedia and then passing them onto me. Muahaha.

But that's not the point. The main spoilers weren't revealed in this episode.

Personally, I think the word 'co-incidence' is a word used in where something happens to stumble upon another thing with the matter of pure luck. But in this episode, the word somehow turned out to be less effective, less powerful, or in another word, "cheaper". Karada had found a job as a helper in a pension, whereby the owner of the place, the employer of Karada, also happens to be the ex-homeroom teacher of Kotomi, where she had brought together Tetsu with her. However, in this episode, they did not met with each other. That'll happen in the next episode, that's for sure.

"Isn't this hers?!"

The episode started with Tetsu having a visit to the Iokawa's, where he had asked to have a word with Hiro about the postcard he had received from Karada recently. Hiro, who had had a strong impact with he himself looking at Karada leaving him in a train station, choosed to answer Tetsu with a simple answer, "Karada isn't in town." Somehow, Tetsu choosed to believe what he said this time.

Tetsu ignoring what his elder. He packed his stuffs and left the house.

He packed up his things and left the house, despite his mother/grandmother telling him not to. (Tetsu's mother sounded like an "almost-want-to-die" old lady. Maybe she is an old lady? Who knows? We have never seen her real face...)

"Ehhh?! What are you doing here, Kotomi-chan?!"

Tetsu boarded a train out of town. Inside the train, he was looking at the photo of Karada all the time. And then suddenly, a teenage girl in a school uniform came to sit opposite to him. It's Kotomi! Tetsu was shocked, and then when Kotomi asked him why he had left Kanou, he said that he is going to start a new life. Kotomi burst out laughing. Obviously, it was a lie and she was able to sense it.

"Confess." ^^

After reaching a station, Tetsu confessed that he had another objective. He told Kotomi everything, that he was looking for Karada and that she might be around. Kotomi decided to help him.

"Have you seen this girl?"

They printed/photocopied leaflets and then handed out them to people who passed-by.

Isogai-sensei, Karada's new employer.

The starting of the episode's second half story-arc came to focus at Karada. It was revealed that she had found herself a part-time job as a worker in a pension. Remember those pensions like "Pension Misuzu" in Ouran Koukou Host Club? This is something like that. Karada's employer, Isogai Tadashi, who is also the owner of "Pension Isogai", happens to have a strong liking of the ocean, and believes that all lifes comes from another world beyond the ocean. That is why he decided to start a pension next to the ocean. Even his wife said that her husband is so carefree and likes to chase after his dreams.

Karada ended up at the ocean.

Indeed, after Karada boarded a train which she had no idea where it was heading to after trying to aoid Hiro, she ended up by the ocean. The ocean-side where they had went to in the very first episode of the anime series.

"I'm lonely!"

The very next thing Karada did was call back Shouko. She told her that she's fine and asked her to pass the message to Hiro as well. When Hiro went out for a short break, he saw Shouko waiting in the café he used to hang out with the others. She passed on the message to him. Hiro almost went berserk. But nevertheless he cooled himself down as he started to smoke. Shouko, forgetting that she was then a child, grabbed onto a cigarette. But before she could light it, Hiro snatched it away. Shouko continued, that she didn't know why, why it became her responsibility, why did Karada had to leave them because they were in a relationship as it wasn't a good reason. Shouko then said that that there is a possibility that Karada had realized that she wasn't his real sister while he wasn't around. As Hiro was about to start smoking another cigarette, Shouko snatched it away, saying that Hiro was trying to run away from reality. Shouko started to call Hiro a chicken, a coward. Hiro said that he knew that she cared about Karada, but before he could finish what he was about to say, Shouko slammed the table and denied what he said. Finally, she told him that she had been lonely ever since Karada left.

The sun is about to set and they still couldn't find Karada.

Back at Tetsu, he was still unhappy as he was unable to find Karada. Kotomi offered him a drink. Suddenly, Kotomi simply said that Tetsu likes Karada and he jumped up, red. Kotomi then offered to let Tetsu follow her to her teacher's house, and without he agreeing, she made the decision.

Kotomi and Tetsu reaching Isogai-sensei's place.

So, they reached the place before sunset. Isogai-sensei welcomed them with open arms. He then called out to 'Satou-san' that 'guests' are here.

My words: Anyone still remember the "Ocean Festival"? It's a "public holiday" specially made by me for Yamaki's Anime Blog. Maybe I should use this episode's footage for this year's celebration. :D
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