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Kanon the remake # 12 - Deviant Waltz

Mai had the main spotlight in this episode where she had attended a dance party organized by the student council of the school. On the other hand, Yuuichi got to know more about the rather ‘mysterious’ female underclassman of his, Shiori, that she has been skipping school since her first day of school where she had fainted during the entrance ceremony. Well... but when you come to think of it, how can a girl who eats ice-cream even when she is sick ever get well? (I should not be saying this...) Also in this episode, we were revealed with a rather shocking fact: Yuuichi is afraid of height. However, I doubt so. =\

"I can easilly get two or three at the same time!"

Like most of the previous episodes, the episode started with a dream, or rather, a memory of Yuuichi. In this episode, he recalled himself boasting about his skills in using the toy catching machine to Ayu.

"The Dance Festival is in this evening."

The very next day, Nayuki, who was late for her club’s meeting, ran to school in an incredible speed (comparable to that of Haruhi from ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’) while Yuuichi took his time walking slowly to school. On the way, he met up with Mai and Sayuri, the two girls whom he usually have lunch with. Mai had been repeating ‘honey bear’ and ‘chubby racoon’ as Sayuri became confused, only to know that it was another of Yuuichi’s jokes.


Yuuichi upside down. lol.

If Yuuichi knew whatever’s best for his sick female underclassman, he wouldn’t have even bought an ice-cream for her, but that was indeed what he did for Shiori. However, he did finish up at least half of the ice-cream, just to make himself feel sick. In here, we were introduced with all sorts of medicines belonging to Shiori when she offered them to Yuuichi. Of course, he declined, and he decided to stand upside-down instead. (Does that actually work?)

A first year female student approached Yuuichi... "She is not sick."

Yuuichi then left Shiori to go back to class. A strange (but somewhat cute), unknown girl came foward to him and introduced herself as Shiori's classmate. She told him the whole story about her being absent since the first day of school, and she has also been calling her 'Misaka-san'. Does that ring a bell? Indeed, Kaori's surname was also Misaka. However, Kaori insisted that she is the only child.

During lunch, Sayuri handed over Yuuichi a tuxedo which she had prepared for him for the dance party.

"Here's 1000 yen.."

Back at home after school, Yuuichi fell asleep while watching TV. Again, he started dreaming that he had borrowed some money from Nayuki so that he could get the angel toy for Ayu from the toy catching machine... and then suddenly, he woke up. Yikes, he’s late for the dance party!

"I'm Kuze, the president of the student council.

He went into the hall and saw Sayuri and Mai in their gorgeous dresses. Sayuri went away with a few friends and soon, a person who looked rather formal walked over to Yuuichi and Mai. He introduced himself as the president of the student council. He then solemnly warned Mai against any misdeed, and if she were to ruin the party, he is going to talk with the teachers about it. After his warning, he walked away. Yuuichi became mad but Mai remained cool as if she was used to it.

"Are you not angry after what he said?"

Yuuichi offered Mai to dance, and she accepted his invitation. Everyone was amazed with their dance.

Sayuri was attacked...

Mai attacking the 'demon'.

But suddenly, something happened. Windows started to break by itself. An invisible thing started to trash the party. It attacked Sayuri as Mai became terrified. She brought in her sword and started to swing it around. Of course, everyone saw nothing, and in the end, the president wanted Mai to be fully responsible for the mess.

Well, that’s it for episode 12. I wrote this episode’s review in my school library on a draft paper as I didn’t have much time on the computer as I had expected. My schedule is fully booked (prefect patrols, school bazaar preparations, homeworks, assignments) and I couldn’t get anywhere. Of course, I took the screenshots back at home, what were you thinking?

Till now, Kanon’s subs were released up to episode 14. I have yet to download episode 13 so you might have to wait a bit longer for me to do the reviews for those later episodes.
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