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Negima?! # 3 - Hmm, So That's How You Make a Provisional Contract Card? by Eva

The whole episode is about this so-called provisional contract between Negi and Asuna, in where, they had to *smooch* kiss each other in order to make such contract, and no, it has to be on the lips for it to actually work. So, Evangeline was the antagonist in this episode trying to lay her fangs on Negi while Negi agrees to let her take some of his blood if she promises to keep her fangs away from others. But as you would have guessed it, she did not agree with his terms.


This episode starts with Evangeline trying to cause trouble by looking for Negi in his dorm. Takahata tried to stop her by creating an invisible shield surrounding the building, but Evangeline easily broke the shield with some of her spells. Takahata then tried to do something with his magic ring on his pinky finger to prevent Evangeline from going near to Negi, but Evangeline had controlled the minds of several girls who were roaming the campus to take care of Takahata and his ring. This is when Negi appeared at the door holding his staff, ready to fight. Takahata then shouted out advising Negi to run away while she can, since a vampire’s magic naturally disappears at dawn. Evangeline told Takahata to shut up, while Negi took the opportunity to fly away with his staff. Evangeline angrily trailed him from behind.

"What to you mean 'I finally bought it!'?"

On the other hand, Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna were seen coming out from a shop, in where Asuna had just bought a used version of the game Zombie Rider. Setsuna complained that she had been using her Konoka-ojousama’s money instead of her own. As Setsuna continued to complain for calling them out for something like that, Asuna asked Konoka whether she had played it before. As Konoka weakly said that she hadn’t, Setsuna became mad and told Asuna to be responsible if Konoka’s characrer were to be damaged. Ignoring Setsuna, Asuna continued to introduce the zombie game to Konoka, and suddenly, Negi flew past them in the night sky. Asuna saw him, and then, giving the excuse that she would be buying some spring onions, she left Konoka and Setsuna behind with her Zombie thingie. Since Asuna don’t even know how to cook, Konoka wondered why she would buy spring onions. Meanwhile Setsuna was looking at the zombie game and somehow got interested in it…

"I don't mind giving you my blood.."

Asuna was on her way to Negi. Meanwhile, Negi started to talk with Evangeline about his father using his magic to imprison her in this school, and he said that he doesn’t mind giving his blood to her, as long as Evangeline promise him not to attack anyone again. Evangeline slowly flied closer and closer towards Negi as when she reached the distance enough to lay her fangs on Negi, she said, “Did you really think I’d promise you?! Don’t make me laugh! I’m a vampire, you see!”

Before she could bite Negi, a shoe appeared out of nowhere and hit the vampire on her head. She turned her head and saw Asuna on the ground, throwing another shoe, and this time, it hit her on the face. As Evangeline became mad, Asuna carried a small boat and toss it at Asuna. Negi flee off her and flew towards Asuna as the boat hit Evangeline. Asuna asked him whether he is fine or not and Negi replied saying that he is. Evangeline got back to her senses and got mad at the two underestimating her. Asuna got to know that the vampire was actually Evangeline, one of her classmates, and that she had transformed into her current adult form with her magic.

"Let me go, Chachamaru!"

Before Negi and Asuna could expect it, Evangeline froze the water of the river by chanting some magic. Pillars of ice started to shoot at Negi. Asuna pushed Negi away from the ice pillars in time but instead hurt herself. Luckily it wasn’t any bad injury and she got up immediately, got her hand on an ice pillar, but before she could successfully shoot it at Evangeline, someone was holding her hand: it was Chachamaru! Asuna tried to struggle her hand off Chachamaru, but Chachamaru hold it firm, while saying that she’ll destroy anyone opposing her master, regardless whether she’s a classmate or not. She then tossed Asuna away. Negi got hold of Asuna and started to fly away with his staff.

"This would be my first kiss!"

Chamo the ermine then told Negi that he had no other choice but to make a provisional contract with Asuna. Asuna agreed to what Chamo had said. Meanwhile Evangeline and Chachamaru were looking for Asuna and Negi, they had started the provisional contract Pactio. A glow of light appeared. Asuna first kissed Negi on the forehead but Chamo insisted that she kiss on the lips. Asuna, with her brutal nature, became mad at Chamo and at first refused to do it and it was also her first kiss! But as Evangeline and Chachamaru were getting nearer, she hadn’t any choice and in the end, kissed Negi on the lips. Asuna became a much stronger girl in a robotic suit holding a huge sword. Evangeline and Chachamaru arrived and saw the event going on. Chachamaru then took on Asuna, and eventually lure her away from Negi, so that Evangeline can deal with him alone.

A Pactio card.

Back to Evangeline, she is ready to take Negi’s blood. Negi once again took off in his staff and flee, but this time, Evangeline easily caught him. Before she could bite him, Chamo crawled out from Negi’s pocket and attacked Evangeline. Evangeline lost her balance to fly in the air and fell down. She hit an iceberg, turned back to her normal size and continued to fall downwards. She recalled her past with the Thousand Master who had saved her after defeating her. He told her to live in the light, and this is where Evangeline saw that light was warm. The actual warm part Evangeline was talking about was Negi’s arms, in where he had saved her from falling to the ground.

"Evangeline, so now you you understand why you were put here."

Evangeline questioned Negi as for why he had saved her. Negi, smiling, replied saying that she is still one of his students. Evangeline then melted the river that she had frozen earlier. The Headmaster of the Mahora Academy together with Takahata slowly appeared from behind a haze. They had talked about Evangeline and the reason why the Thousand Master had put her into the school. Chachamaru then came back together with a totally exhausted Asuna. Later on, Evangeline and Chachamaru left the others behind and went back.

A letter from onee-san.

Well then, the final part of this episode is about Negi receiving a letter from his onee-chan in Wales during the winter school holidays in Japan. Then, the scene turned to the beginning of the third year of school, and this is where the actual story begins.

Thank you, guys!

It’s not the end yet. It’s the Mahora Sentai Baka Rangers’ turn to showoff themselves. As usual, the main plot of the story is about Makie being fussy about unable to successfully finish her introduction that the other Baka Rangers decided to let her start their introductions. But, well… it wasn’t that successful either. =\
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