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Kanon the remake # 7 - Fugue of a Runaway Kitten

Thanks to the fact that I have been spoiled by Kurogane who had watched episode 8 that Makoto is actually an animal, I couldn’t fully enjoy this episode, mainly because I was predicting what would happen in this episode, like Makoto’s tail would suddenly appear and scare Yuuichi to death or something along that line. But somehow, whatever I predicted to happen do not happen, and rather, some other mysterious events had occurred, that Makoto led herself onto the top of a hill with a cat she accidentally slipped off her hands on an overhead bridge, in where Yuuichi had scolded her for being irresponsible. Perhaps Makoto’s real home was the hill, and that the fox Yuuichi and Nayuki saw in episode 2 was Makoto all along, and that Makoto’s “Auu~” was as if a fox is yeaning. Even Makoto’s orange colour hair resembles a fox a lot. Yuuchi became the ‘hero’ to Makoto for carrying her back home from the cold, freezing hill which was snowing in this episode while trying his best to act as humble as possible to Makoto.

I am keeping myself from watching episode 8 until I finish doing this episode’s summary. I’ll make the summary as short and as sweet as possible.

Makoto flying a paper aeroplane...

Yuuichi's logharithm assignment...

Makoto continued with another of her plans to disturb Yuuichi in his sleep, and once again, her attempt was foiled, thanks to the fact that the ever-awake Yuuichi was aware that Makoto would be attacking him no matter what and had hid behind the door. In this episode, she tried to do something with a pair scissors, as for what she had planned to do, nobody knows, since she had failed. Yuuichi guessed that she might have wanted to cut his hair or something. Makoto tried to cover her guilt up by saying that she had came over because she wanted to hang out, and that the scissors are for making paper aeroplanes. Of course, Yuuichi didn’t buy the excuse. Makoto, in her attempt to build paper aeroplanes, tore apart a few pages of Yuuichi’s assignment which he had copied off Nayuki. Yuuichi went berserk and Makoto, for the first time ever, went out of Yuuichi’s room without awaking Akiko and Nayuki, happily.


The next morning, Yuuichi was seen with a rarely seen awaken Nayuki on the breakfast table. Nayuki was spreading her favourite strawberry jam with her mother had made on a piece of toast. This is when Akiko brought a sleepy Makoto to the table. Akiko said that Makoto shouldn’t be late for her first day working. She then said that to celebrate Makoto’s first day at work, she should let her try out her special jam. Yuuichi and Nayuki flinched at once. Makoto was confused, but nevertheless she took a bite off the toast which Akiko had spreaded the jam on. The looks on Makoto’s face changed from enthusiastic to a face begging for help. Tears started to roll from eyes. Nayuki and Yuuichi couldn’t help her at all, so they decided to move on. =\

"I thought that you are allergic to cats?"

On the way to school, Nayuki saw a cat which she immediately fell for. However, since Yuuichi knew that Nayuki was allergic to cats, he had stopped her from going near to the cat, but Nayuki couldn’t resist. In the end, her tears started rolling non-stop. Even in school, Kitagawa had thought that Yuuichi had been picking on her, but Yuuichi wasn’t any where to be found. He had went to the school ground to meet Shiori which he’d knew if he hadn’t go there, the girl would be waiting there for him the whole day. Shiori had reconfirmed with Yuuichi that he would be making a snowman with her once she is better.

"I;m talking about Mai's constipation."

In the afternoon, Yuuichi had had picnic style lunch with Mai and Sayuri at the top floor. Yuuichi once again made fun of Mai’s slowness in responding by lying that he was talking about Mai’s constipation when Sayuri became confused by Yuuichi and Mai’s conversation. Yuuichi then said that it must have been tough for Sayuri to prepare this much food, in which Sayuri had disagree with, because she had woke up early, thanks to the fact that she sleeps early at night.

Ayu on top of Yuuichi...

After school, before leaving the school, Yuuichi had once again advised Nayuki to avoid contact with cats, even during practice, in which Nayuki had doubt she would be able to do so. He then started to walk home. Ayu had suddenly appeared and attacked Yuuichi from behind, in which Yuuichi fell with his face down on the ground with snow. This time, Ayu apologized. They then walked together for some distance, and then Ayu bade goodbye and went off. This is when Yuuichi noticed Makoto from afar. She was staring at the photo sticker making machine in where a few girls are having fun. Yuuichi went over to Makoto and asked whether she was interested in it. She denied it and started walking home with Yuuichi following closely behind. Here comes another quiet girl with red hair glancing at them from afar.

A cat leaning at Makoto's leg...

Makoto carrying the caton top of the overhead bridge..

So, Makoto had decided to go home by herself. Yuuichi sighed and decided to get a new notebook. Makoto then followed from behind. Yuuichi caught her following him, and said that they should walk together. Suddenly, a cat came over to Makoto and started to lean at Makoto’s leg. Makoto was a bit frightened when she first saw the cat, but later on when Yuuichi carried it up, she started to like it. Yuuichi then treated them with some warm pork buns, which even Makoto fought over the cat for. Then, they walked up an overhead bridge. Yuuichi said that Makoto was the total opposite of Nayuki when it comes to cat liking. Makoto said that it would be better to let it go. Somewhat, the cat had slipped of Makoto’s hands and fell down of the bridge and luckily, it handed safely on a truck. Yuuichi started to become mad at Makoto for being irresponsible. Makoto, after saying that Yuuichi is a jerk, ran away. In the end, she didn’t return home for dinner.

Mai might know where Makoto is..

Makoto sleeping with the cat in the grass under the glow of the moonlight.

Yuuichi became worried and after dinner, he went out searching for Makoto. He went to the places Makoto might go to, and found out that he actually knew nothing about the girl. Yuuichi then recall of Mai who had told Yuuichi that he should take good care of Makoto that she might need him most and went to school, in where he had found her in the usual corridor with the moonlight. She hinted that Makoto might be in Monomi Hill. Yuuichi then walked away from the school and head for the hill, in where he had found Makoto with the cat they are with earlier. Makoto was sharing the last pork bun she had she had bought with the money she had with the cat. After finishing her half, she started to fall asleep on the grass.

A fox?

Yuuichi then carried her on his back. As he walked downhills, he saw a fox. He had no idea what the fox is about, nor do I. Back at home, as soon as Makoto woke up, she was surprised that she is sleeping in her room in Akiko’s place. Everyone was awoken. Akiko then cooked something for the family, including Makoto. Yuuichi then said that as long as she still has amnesia, she is a part of the family, this is her home.

Well, I said that I had wanted to make this as short as possible, but it seems that I have written quite a lot. It's around 4:00 in the morning when I have finish writing this... time to go now. Although it's the school holidays for us, I still need my sleep.
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