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Kanon the remake # 5 - Demon's Serenade

Despite the bad title (I see no demon singing, why the serenade title?), this episode is my favourite so far. Why? Watch the above video, and you'll know. One word can describe the whole episode: Hillarious. Pardon the quality of the video clip. =\

Although it was Makoto who appeared in this episode most of the time, Mai and Sayuri were the ones that this episode were trying to introduce. Sayuri looked like a happy-go-lucky girl who is rather clever, while Mai on the other hand, is a girl who is quiet and is quite slow responding. Yuuichi even had the chance to take the opportunity to say that Mai was confessing her love to him. While she was not, Mai didn't even hesitate to deny what Yuuichi said. I still wonder how someone slow in response like her can be a demon hunter, lol.

Makoto was having her bath when Yuuichi went into the bathroom, naked.

"Try repeating 'Demon Hunter' a few times,"

Yuuichi hiding from Makoto, who had wanted to have her revenge on him.


This is an episode where Ayu scenes are minimized. You can only see her during breakfast in this episode whith Yuuichi. =\

Nayuki sleeping in class..

"I'm just accepting her confession of love,"

Yuuichi having lunch with the two girls, picnic style, in school..

Yuuichi feels victorious when he manages to make a quiet Mai speak.

Girls with mysteries are more attractive...

This is a pork bun.

This is a manga.

Somehow, Makoto had never actually ate a pork bun and read mangas. How pity is that?


Makoto eating a pork bun while reading a manga.

I used up the money...

Makoto decided to use the money she is given by Akiko-san to buy tofu to buy pork buns and mangas.

I wanted to scare you...

At night, Yuuichi went to school. He said that he'd be going "Demon Hunting", but what he did was meet Mai. While Makoto tried to scare Yuuichi, her attempt was foiled by Mai. Wow, I never knew her reactions were that quick. Perhaps Mai is just more concious to demons. =\
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