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Kanon # 4 - Caprice over the break

What does "Caprice" in the title mean? Or rather, what does the title mean? Haiz. -_-

Yuuichi, who can't actually remember what happened 10 years ago when he was in this city, recalled some more memories of him with Ayu "Ayu". Ayu got a fetish for Taiyaki, because Yuuichi once treated her with a warm, delicious taiyaki. Yuuichi had also promised Ayu that he would come back to the same place in the same time the next day, and had also made a pinky promise.

However, he paid a price. He had promised Nayuki to wait outside the supermarket, but in the end, it was Nayuki who waited for him. If I were Nayuki, I would have gone home by myself if I were to be "flyed by the aeroplane".

This episode is mainly about Yuuichi unpacking his stuffs.

"Hee hee..."

A night before, Makoto tried to have her revenge against Yuuichi by sliding a konyakku jelly on Yuuichi. However, it was foiled, as Yuuichi had just awoken from his rather sweet dream. How convienient a dream was.

Look at the big hall... wow!

The next day, Yuuichi woke up after Nayuki had went off to school for her training. Since Nayuki had forgotten to bring her bento, Yuuichi had brought it to her in school. Wow... look at the size of the school hall. It was really big, bigger than my school's. Plus, they're semi-open-aired, and they're using orange lightings instead of white. The background music which was played in the school hall sounded like a song which would be used in schools scenes in most AVG typed PC games...

"Are you okay..?

After that, Yuuichi left school and saw Kaori, who sounded as if she had ran away from home. Later on, Yuuichi got up with Akiko who was buying grocery, and he had helped Akiko with the sack of rice. This is also where Ayu appeared... and tripped clumsily. Akiko was introduced to Ayu and vice versa, although somehow Akiko seemed recall Ayu. Ayu was invited to Akiko's house to help out with Yuuichi's unpacking.

Help me unpack my things. =D

Somehow, Makoto seemed to be intimidated, looking at Ayu. But in anyways, they became friends in an instant. After they had finished unpacking, they had a light meal. Then, Ayu left. Makoto still seem to be a bit... unused to Ayu's presence.

"Here's the note book. Time to go home."

Nayuki reached home after her training. She then asked for her notebook which she had borrowed to Yuuichi back. Well... Yuuichi had forgotten to bring it back from school. In the end, since Nayuki had to do her homework, Yuuichi ended up going to school once again to get the notebook back.

Mai waiting under the moonlight...

The school seemed to have a bad security, since Yuuichi was able to get inside easily. Somehow, I was expecting Yuuichi to get lost in school, lol. XD. In school, he saw Mai, holding a sword which resembled those Samurai's. She looked as if she is ready to make a strike to kill under the light of the moon.
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