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Kanon # 2

This time, I took afk's version. Honestly, the font that were used were much better. Although there's a downside: afk didn't made any subtitles for the "uguu~" sound Ayu made. Ahh. On the other hand, I would like to listen how would Mamoru (from Kage Kara Mamoru) sound as Yuuchi, as he was the voice of Yuuchi in the original Kanon anime. Mamoru sounded more like a perverted old man, meanwhile Kyon sounded a lot more sarcastic, especially when he says "Taaku~".

Yuuchi was woken up in the morning by the alarm clock which was given to him by Nayuki. Can't expect some alarm clock which "meows" to wake you up, eh? Yuuchi, somehow woke up... and then got a nasty shock when the alarm clocks in Nayuki room were ringing, and when I am saying alarm clocks, I'm not saying 2 or 3, but almost 50 of them ringing at the same time, oh Haruhi bless Yuuichi, meanwhile Nayuki was still soundly sleeping.

"Only I can make such a jam,"

oh my, what is this?! *sweat drops*

"This is jam... right?

Time for breakfast. Yuuichi says that he prefers his toast without jam because he dislikes sweet stuffs. Here comes Akiko-san promoting the jam she had made. A bite off the toast and Yuuichi started to sweat cold sweat. I wonder what was it made of... ginger, perhaps? XD

Yuuchi introducing himself.

"Becareful not to get lost.."

Normal, eh? Reminds me of what would Kyon say about himself.

First day of school for Yuuichi. Ended up in the same class with Nayuki and the others he met a day before. Yuuchi tried to walk around the school... and got lost, because the school was too big... or was his geography senses that bad? Hmm. I wonder. Lucky for him that he met the class monitor of his class, and she brought Yuuichi out of the school.

"I went to buy Taiyaki again, today..."

Ayu and Yuuichi in an argument...

Yuuichi went to the store again to buy the ingredients which Akiko-san had requested him. Once again, Yuuichi collided onto the fat Taiyaki stealing girl, Ayu. As for why people would call her fat, don't ask me, I'm not the one who started the trend. Again, both of them started running, and ended nowhere. In another word, they were lost. Yuuichi and Ayu remembered the past together, and while Ayu tried to hug Yuuichi, Yuuichi instead acted cool, and they got into a fight while involving another young lady, who is a year younger than Ayu. Yep, Ayu is in the same year as Yuuichi. I didn't expected that, thanks to Ayu's height. The young lady sounded A LOT like Hinata from Naruto, I swear, especially when she said "arigatou-gozaimasu".

The young lady brought Yuuichi back to the main road, and they went to the Taiyaki stall and appologized.

"I'm hungry, that's why I don't have strength!"

Meanwhile, Yuuichi still had to buy the ingredients which Akiko-san requested, he met up with another girl, who is as hyper as Asuna from Mahou Sensei Negima, and they even have the same hairstyle. Whoever this hyper girl is, we would know in episode 3. Now, let's not make any silly guesses.
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